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About Us

About Us

Astrology, if we look at it in a much broader sense, it means, ‘Search for meaning in the Sky'. We at ‘Online School of Astrology’ proud to represent Astrology and related sciences, considering some much bigger aspects of it. By studying and knowing those aspects will help one to achieve the collective growth in life. We at ‘Online School of Astrology’ will allow you to learn Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu Shastra and Numerology through an online way of learning across India and overseas as well.

There must be thousands of Astrologers who all are practicing Astrology and could be easily accessible. But to understanding the concept of Ancient Vedic Astrology and how it is evolving demands lots of study and patience. ‘Online School of Astrology ‘has a group of experienced professionals who all have given almost a decade to Astrology.

We at ‘Online School of Astrology’, assure our students that after completion of their respective courses, they will get complete support and doubt sessions are going to be scheduled for a while and also students are going to be skilled with all those skills which are required to be a certified professional Astrologer.