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24th July 2022 (Sunday - 5 P.M)
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Best Price
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24th July 2022 (Sunday - 5 P.M)
Call and Reserve Your Seat Today
Limited Seats Available
Best Price
Best Course
Best Teachers
Student Testimonials
Tarot Card Reading Course - Live Online Classes
Basic Tarot Course
Duration: 10 Classes
Day/Time: Twice a Week / 1hr Each
Fee: 12000 INR
Study Material
Free Tarot Deck
Next Batch Starting Soon
Advance Tarot Course
Duration: 25 Classes
Day/Time: Twice a Week / 1hr Each
Fee: 20000 INR / 450 USD (International)
Study Material
Free Tarot Deck

Tarot Card Reading Course - Workshop Mode
Basic Tarot Course
Duration: 5hr
Day/Time: Twice a Week / 2hr Each
Fee: 10000 INR / 200 USD (International)
Study Material
Free Tarot Deck
Next Batch Starting Soon
Advance Tarot Course
Duration: 10hr
Day/Time: Twice a Week / 2hr Each
Fee: 15000 INR / 300 USD (International)
Study Material
Free Tarot Deck

Tarot Reading Course Curriculum

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Know About Online Tarot Classes and Student Experience of The Tarot Classes

Tarot Card Reading Course Online

Tarot card reading can be said as a ‘Fortune telling technique’ which belongs to each one of us

People have their perception about the Tarot card reading course and many of them always find themselves back and forth to decide whether to practice it or not. Human beings have this natural behaviour of seeking answers for their questions, here at this point Tarot classes help us in a way that we become capable to decide and take decisions for ourselves. This online Tarot card reading course is a medium for getting insights into an individual’s conflicts in life.

Online School of Astrology allow the learners to learn this certified tarot reader course through an online medium of learning across the globe. Ms. Bhanupriya Ma’am, a famous and awarded tarot reader deals with all the theories and practical aspects of Tarot card reading techniques in an easy and simple manner and made this tarot course one of the best tarot card reading course in Delhi and India as well.

Tarot card reading is a way or a medium to introspect about the things related to an individual. A tarot reading course is partially a form of Carto-Mancy where practitioners use tarot cards as a medium to get an insight or answers of the seeker’s questions related to the Past, Present, and Future and guides them.

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Learn Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading for Beginners and Meanings of Different Cards to Know about the Tarot Reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers For All Your Queries For Better Understanding About The Tarot Course

What is Tarot Card Reading?
Tarot card reading a technique used by desired individuals who want to finding the answers regarding their past, present and future through the medium of cards, commonly known as Tarot cards. It is relied on the introspection and expertise of the practitioners.
Why is it essential to learn and understand the symbolism while reading tarot cards?
Symbolism has its own importance while practicing a tarot card reading. As it can be considered as a memory palace, it is a pictorial version of once memory of their lives. Symbolism in tarot cards introspect on the basis of colors, animals, clouds, clothes and people to name a few and tries to get an insight of past, present and future.
How ‘Tarot Card Reading’ helps an Individual?
Tarot card provides clarity regarding minimal elements of your situation that remain unseen by your conscious. Tarot Card Reading helps you out in a way to move forward in life.
Is the ‘Tarot card reading Course’ designed and taught from the basics of it?
Yes, these courses will include the basics of Tarot cards and moving on till the advanced level of it. So, one who doesn’t have any idea about this can also join if he/she desires to learn and become a master in tarot card reading.
Are Tarot interpretations accurate?
Yes, interpretations and predictions done by the tarot cards and expert tarot reader are very much accurate regardless the fact that people have their own perception on Tarot card reading which is very subjective.
What is a best way to start learning tarot card reading?
A good mentor who helps you to build a solid memory or an ability to form new memories will help you the most while you start learning Tarot card reading. It is not a theoretical based subject but you have to understand the meanings and symbolism behind the cards and techniques to practice it.
Is tarot card demonic?
Not at all, Tarot cards are the divine interpretation of good and bad events happening in an individual’s life.
Can practicing Tarot cards be dangerous?
Many people have misinterpretation about Tarot cards but there is nothing dangerous in practicing it. In fact, If you are practicing Tarot cards with good intentions then it can be transformative, empowering and helpful.
Does a professional Tarot card reader need a license to practice?
You only need a Good Mentor and Course Completion Certificate. You just have to work on your skills as much as you can to be a good Tarot reader. Besides this you don’t need any license to be a professional Tarot card reader.
What kind of questions one can ask to a Tarot card reader?
The beauty of Tarot cards is that one can just ask anything whatever they want to, So just be relax with your questions and how’s your question going to be sound.
How can one take admission in Tarot Course?
We are providing online tarot course worldwide. One can take admission by clicking on the admission link mentioned above on this site and move on by following the instructions provided in the links and start their learning. Schedule of their courses and all other essential information has been mentioned on the course page. For any other further queries, you can contact us on the above-mentioned contact details on the site.
Free Tarot Deck is Provided?
Yes, Tarot Deck which is provided by the Institute at Free of Cost with every registration in the Advance Tarot Course.
What are the criteria needed to be fulfilled before enrolling for this course?
One should be above 18 years and should have passed the 10th standard are eligible for enrolling in this course.
Will any study material be provided for the students?
Study material will be provided in the form of pdf or presentation, which is designed by our highly experienced and qualified mentors.
Can I become a professional after completing the course?
Yes, as soon as you complete the Advance course in tarot reading, you can practice and give tarot consultations to your clients. You can also associate with online consulting platforms and provide tarot consultations to seekers.
How are Online Tarot Classes taken?
We provide Live Online Tarot Classes for students for better understanding and to provide best quality tarot reading classes by experienced faculty.
Will I get the Certificate after completion?
Yes, Course completion certificate will be provided so that you can easily practice worldwide after completing the course.
How Tarot Classes Online are scheduled?
Tarot Classes are scheduled Twice or Thrice a Week on Weekdays as well as on Weekends also.
What is the duration of the class?
Every class duration is 1hr.
How can I Enroll and start my Tarot Reading Classes?
You can enroll yourself by submitting your admission form and Required Fee for the course. You can check the new group schedules on website or you can connect with the Institute.